Our experience has shown that most CEO's work IN the company, while the things that they need is work ON the company.


Oaktree is a firm that prepares companies to ask the financial market place for money, prepares the company to receive that money, and provides guidance in thetechniques of managing the capital infusion. There is plenty of money in the investment community. We at OAKTREE continually hear the cries: “We have a hot new product - We need more money!”


Oaktree specializes in working with companies that have developed a niche in their market and we help them create methods that will allow them to achieve the advantage in their industry. We do this by creating an “INVESTMENT MARKETING MEMORANDUM”. This allows us to deliver to over 150 strategic alliances that rely on Oaktree’s due diligence practices. It is through the numerous systems that Oaktree has developed which has given us an unsurpassed track record when positioning and packaging companies for the capital markets.

The Money Raising Secret


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I recommend my clients to Oaktree Ventures, Inc. for independent valuations as a cornerstone of their fundraising efforts.

Ginny Rowland
Tech2Mark Advisors

For Decades, John De Puy and Oaktree Ventures have been performing corporate valuations on all types of businesses. Now, he has taken all of that knowledge and put it into a pdf document that you can purchase and download.

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The Value Wizard Valuation Guide is only sold as a downloadable pdf file.


Financial Resources


Before going into business, an entrepreneur needs to secure sufficient financial resources in order to be able to operate efficiently and sufficiently well to promote success.

Investment Marketing Memorandum

We will create the documents for potential investors to explain the objectives, risks, and investment terms.

Strategic Planning


We will help set priorities, focus assets, empower  the process, and assess the organization's direction in response to a changing environment.

Corporate Valuations


We will perform high-quality valuations of companies  assets that recognize the need for transparent and robust valuations which satisfy corporate, regulatory and accounting requirements.

Business Planning


We will work closely with you to build a business plan that will show a future of growth.

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Guidebooks for Today's Entrepenuer

Powerful books full of tools, methods and strategies for getting ahead in the business world.

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